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I worked with a couple of amazing artist and we created the short film called 'Burgeon' in our third year at The Animation School.

I did most of the Texturing and all the shading Lighting and Rendering. I used Mudbox, Photoshop and Maya Arnold.

Taylor Webb- Zbrush Artist, Layout, Modeling. Mw Guldenpfennig - Animation, rigging, pre-vis. Sven Hohmeier - Fluid dynamics, modelling, compositing, layouts. Frankie Scholtz - Modelling, texturing, compositing, pre-vis. Stefano Menegaldo - Tree growth, concept art, animation. I would also like to thank Antoni Schonken, Stellenbosch University - Origional soundtrack,and Dawid de Villiers - Sound design. A special thanks goes out to Goblins animation school and The Animation School, Cape Town.

You can watch the short film here.